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Hi and thanks for dropping by schocs 'n' schues! We hope you'll enjoy your shopping experience here.
We'd love to have the most comfortable and fashionable (yes, they can co-exist!) shoes wrapped around our baby boy CJ's feet as he potters around exploring the world. Unfortunately, we find ourselves frustrated with the lack of fuss-free shopping portals that offer baby and toddler shoe designs which excites us... and of course who has the luxury of time to window shop across malls to browse for footwear (when the kid is fussing in tow)!
We shop online across multiple sites in the little pockets of time we get (mostly in the wee hours of the night!) but let's face it, we fall asleep within minutes without much patience/energy to surf long enough to make it to checkout the carts.
All we want is a one-stop-schue-haven with collections painstakingly curated by our fellow like-minded parents, whom we can trust to have our kids nimble feet interest at heart.
Wait. Look! We decided to take matters into our own hands... schocs 'n' schues! 
CJ in schue-haven
CJ in a schue-haven

Why schocs 'n' schues?
CJ's very first take on "socks and shoes", schocs 'n' schues serves as a daily reminder of our raison d'etre:-  to put together a collection of comfortable, high quality footwear and accessories that even CJ would love to wear. 

As parents ourselves, we are fully aligned with your commitment in providing the best for your children. We hope you and your precious little ones will enjoy endless hours of fun and laughter, creating memories for a lifetime with our products.

Start shopping!